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2010 Candidates Forum

The complete forum held September 23, 2010, moderated by Dennis Owens of the Historical Advisory Board, is below in order, track by track, with the questions listed and then the answers below them. No use of the audio tracks except for personal listening is authorized without express permission of the AAPS board and Joseph Woodard Multimedia.
2010 Candidates Forum – Welcome by Nancy Hird
2010 Candidates Forum – Introduction – Dennis Owens
2010 Candidates Forum – Opening Statements

Do you support regulations such as Design Review to discourage insensitive alterations to older buildings, such as inappropriate additions, new windows and replacement siding? What is your opinion of the City’s Guide to Residential Design adopted by the City Council in 2005? (90 seconds)

2010 Candidates Forum – Question 1

Should an effort be made to preserve all 86 historic buildings at Alameda Point as part of the Point’s long range development? What are possible strategies to preserve these buildings? (90 seconds)

2010 Candidates Forum – Question 2

Alameda’s General Plan calls for a three story, 40’ height limit for both the Park Street and Webster Street Business Districts. These height limits have been implemented for Webster Street and partially implemented for Park Street. An increase in the Webster Street height limit to five stories and 60’ has recently been proposed. Should the General Plan be amended to provide for increased height limits? (1 minute)

2010 Candidates Forum – Question 3

Measure A, adopted in 1973, limits residential development to two units per building and 2,000 sq. ft. of lot area per unit. What changes, if any, should be made to Measure A.? (1 Minute)
2010 Candidates Forum – Question 4

The City currently subsidizes about 40% of the Alameda Museum’s annual operating expenses to help defray rented space. Do you feel the City should be funding the Museum each year and do you have a vision for a permanent home for the museum? (1 minute)
2010 Candidates Forum – Question 5
2010 Candidates Forum – Closing Statements
2010 Candidates Forum – Thank you by Nancy Hird

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